Progress looks different on EVERYONE! Check out some of these transformations and class testimonials!
I love being part of this group! The women are so supportive and there’s a great feeing of team work. Sometimes, I have to say I do find it hard to motivate myself to go to class, but Amanda’s encouragement and workouts always leave me feeling good about myself afterwards! The workouts are tough! But you will always have the support and encouragement of Amanda which makes it easy to return the following week!-Deirdre Fleming
I have been working with Amanda for a few years now, and every workout is something new and different and it keeps me coming back for more! Her positive attitude and encouragement is off the charts! I would very much recommend her program and classes to anyone of any fitness level. Oh, and it’s tons of fun too!-Cheri Kolysher
I signed up for Positively Fit classes based on a recommendation from a friend who called the classes “life changing!” I came to my first class as a total newbie – no previous workout class or gym experience. Amanda and the other students made me feel welcome right away. Amanda demonstrated all the moves, so I knew what I was supposed to be doing. The group’s positive and encouraging energy, led by Amanda, kept me coming back for more. Seeing how strong the other students are was inspiring and made me push myself further than I would have if I was working out alone. It was a great experience, and I look forward to more classes! ~ Jody
Positively fit bootcamp is a great workout with a great group of people!  I like the fact that no two workouts are the same, and that no matter what kind of shape you are in, you always get a fantastic workout.  Amanda is always there to help and push you to do more to achieve your goals!  It is what keeps me coming back month after month. Have a great day! ~Michelle Therrien
I have to confess that it is not easy for me to get out of bed on Saturday mornings, but I never regret coming to bootcamp. Amanda always has something new for us to try. Her workouts are challenging but achievable.  I come for the strength-training but Amanda fits in cardio, core and more into each work-out. I love working out with the “girls” each week in this positive, can-do atmosphere.  Amanda is a knowledgeable and gifted instructor. You will not be disappointed! ? ~ Rachel
I was looking for a full-body workout that would be fun and challenging and that would keep me coming back. I tried the Positively Fit Bootcamp and enjoyed the initial classes and now it’s been a year since I started attending. People of all ages, shapes and abilities attend. Amanda’s program, which changes each class, allows everyone to work to their ability and strive to do a little bit more. We have lots of fun and I know that I am much stronger than I was a year ago.~ Gail
Nine months ago I started taking Amanda’s boot camp. Amanda is constantly changing the workouts so you never get bored. The workouts were definitely not easy in the beginning, but the more you go the stronger you get. I started taking classes 2 times a week and have increased to 3 times a week. Challenge yourself and you will see results – I definitely have! ~ Melinda
When I first joined Positively Fit, my goal was to lose some weight and get in shape. What I got was so much more! Amanda Stalwick is more than a just a knowledgeable trainer. She knows a seemingly endless amount of activities that can challenge anyone of any body type while keeping workouts fresh, new, progressive and fun. She has a great understanding of nutrition that she uses to help you on your way to your goals.

Possibly her best asset is her infective positive personality and attitude. It is nearly impossible to leave a session or a class that she has taught without a smile. Amanda does more than just change bodies for the better, she changes lives for the better, and I am proof. After losing 26 lbs and feeling so much better about myself, I am looking forward to more classes, sessions and new goals with Amanda and Positively Fit! ~ Rory (211 lbs Christmas 2010, 185 lbs April 2011)

Amanda is so great when she is work with you. She always has a smile on her fact and is constantly keeping it fun while pushing you that extra little bit. Even when you want to stop, there always seems to be two more you can do; she seems to know how to get you to work to your full potential! Amanda is creative with her exercises, and really knows her stuff so you feel more comfortable trying something new with her watching and making sure you don’t hurt yourself. I am so grateful to Amanda for helping me get my strength back, and look forward to many more training sessions with her!!! Amanda ROCKS! ~ Leah

I wanted to get in shape, but I didn’t really know where to start. In three months Amanda helped me to trim 15lbs and build a solid core and some serious endurance. I ran my first 5k and now I’m on my way to my first half-marathon. I’m so pumped! Thanks Amanda. ~ Zach Scott, Chief Operating Officer – Point2 Technologies, Inc.

I was looking for a personal trainer when I came across Positively Fit. I set up an appointment with Amanda to discuss my goals and to see what programs were available to achieve those goals. She introduced me to a program that was both comprehensive and achievable. It was a graduated program that steadily progressed through a variety of circuit training methods. The circuits were increasingly more difficult. This is exactly what I wanted. My goal was to become stronger and lose weight. The weight has come off gradually. Amanda helped me to be more aware of my nutritional needs. I lost 10 pounds and I am much stronger. She varies the workouts so there is always something new to look forward to. ~ Ray Wight


I was fat and chunky
I was round and plump
I was tired and grumpy….
…I was a chump.

But now my muscles listen
to every workout’s cry
And now my body aches
with every little try.

Now my body breathes
for every little bit
I know that I am getting
“Positively Fit”!
~ anonymous

Finally being able to get outside after a long, cold winter is a great feeling. Being able to get outside and exercise with new friends is even better. This year is my first try at a bootcamp and Amanda is making it tough but super fun at the same time! I don’t think I would have enough courage to get out to a park and roll around in the grass if I was on my own, but with the bootcamp, I am not the only one! Amanda has different exercises for toning and cardio to keep it fresh.. but she also has the killers that she brings out – aka the water bottle cones and the plank!

Thanks so much Amanda and keep up the awesome work!!!

I started working with Amanda five months ago and since then my life has definitely changed for the better! I knew I needed to get in shape and my doctor recommended a personal trainer. I was hesitant to call Amanda, but I haven’t regretted it for a second!

I went from an inactive life to working out 4-6 times per week. Amanda has made me five programs so far which have been awesome! I have had gym memberships in the past, but lost interest after the first month or two. With my programs changing as my strength and endurance has increased, I have yet to lose interest. Amanda has modified my exercise to accommodate an upper back and neck injury which allowed me to increase my core strength without compromising myself. Amanda meets with me weekly which is enough to keep me motivated and accountable. Accountability is a major part of my success with a trainer. It is a lot easier to slack off when no one is there to monitor how much you have been exercising. We let ourselves down a lot more than we are willing to let others down!

Amanda is a very motivating person and has pushed me to do a few more reps when I love to stop! This encouragement is essential as I have see so many positive changes since working with her. I have not only lost close to 10% of my body weight, but also many inches. I just ran my first 5km which is something I would hace never imagined when I was struggling to run for any length of time 5 months ago. I am excited for the future and am so glad that I have Amanda to guide me along the way!”
~ Jennifer Cromartie