Top FIVE Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

A spring is approaching and we’re coming out of hibernation, your thoughts might be turning towards ditching bulky sweaters and long pants to wearing t’s and shorts! But… may have some unwanted “spring rolls” hanging around! You think you’re doing all the right things to get rid of them, but after a few weeks of sticking to “the plan” you don’t see any results! Arrrghhh!

We’ve all been there and over the next five weeks we’ll tackle how to execute “real” change and develop new habits. You CAN do this!

  • Habit #1 – Breakfast: How much thought are you putting into breakfast? Are you a grab and go type of person? Maybe cereal is your go-to? You’ve all heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it may be time to examine if your breakfast habits are a major roadblock in your quest to shed a few pounds. The typical North American diet consists of pre-packaged foods with a shelf life including cereals, mueslis, bagels, toast, muffins, croissants, juice, etc. While some of these foods may be an okay choice for some, if you’re overweight these foods leave you stuck in “carb-burning” mode, inhibiting your capacity to burn body-fat.
  • Breakfast is important because your insulin levels, or blood sugar hormone levels are naturally low in the morning after a good nights sleep (and fast), setting up the perfect scenario for burning body fat. The more overweight, out of shape, or in poor health you are, the worse your insulin sensitivity or capacity to cope with carbohydrates will be. Chronically elevated insulin levels directly block your body’s primary fat-burning enzyme, making it impossible to burn at throughout the day.
  • New Habit! Ditch your high-carb cereals in favour of a high-protein, high-fat, lower carb meal! Great options include eggs, plain yogurt, or a protein shake (30g for women and 40g for men) with some healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, or eggs. Take the protein breakfast challenge for a week and watch your energy levels soar and your waistline shrink! 🙂